What? AWESOMEoutof10 is evolving!

Hello “The Internet”,

After two years writing scads of the most meritorious and magical gaming content we could muster, things are changing. Like a Final Fantasy boss, a totally jacked Bulbasaur, or an unfinished income tax declaration, this wasn’t even our final form. AWESOMEoutof10 is moving from being a general gaming news and reviews site to an ever-expanding critical library. Eschewing all the unfortunate trappings of the industry (24-hour news cycles, publisher drama, award shows and the like) the new site will focus on critical analysis and discussion of the games themselves. Like a laser made of thoughts. Insight, discussion, postulation and analysis of everything from Assassin’s Creed to Zeno Clash. Ace Attorney to ZombiU.  Agricultural Simulator 2014 to Zork: Grand Inquisitor.

The new site launches bright and early on MAY 1ST; put an X on it. While the site proper is gone, you can still access our chat room by looking below. Most of the staff and plenty of community regulars cling barnacle-like to the walls and ceiling. Come in and talk games!

If you want to contact us by email for any reason (particularly if you want your work on the new site, or you simply have some fantastic games criticism to link) you can do so by hitting up robot@awesomeoutof10.com.

- Andy Astruc, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF